Thank you with love and some updates!

Thank you so much for all the love that you've shown to ATOMICA! With almost 7K views and 1.2k downloads - this is so amazing~

ATOMICA was a game that was born out of a pinball exercise for one of my classes at USC. The thought of 360 Pinball was so crazy that even I doubted myself at one point. 

The game really delivers on the aesthetics with a thrill factor and from there I really want to improve on its mechanics - which was the low point of the feedback I got. 

A big part of game design is usability and ATOMICA really suffers from the fact that when you look at it, you have no idea how to play it at all.  That said, one can argue that figuring out how to play it is half the fun, especially in a world where we are spoon-fed information on a daily basis. Or maybe we don't actually need to know how to play, that just mashing buttons is cathartic enough to be enjoyable - after all, some of us may work day jobs and come back too tired to use our minds (like me). 

The games that I have put up on - TILTOFF and now ATOMICA have both come from a place of necessity to just "create" something, anything, no matter how irrational. Both games really started out with just a feeling of "knowing how it would grow", and they blossomed from there. Really, I had no expectations from these creations other than pure enjoyment and it's heartening to me that there are many of you who enjoy it as well. 

Building experiences is what I do well, and I'm so glad I can share my journey with you through the content I create.


P.S. ATOMICA is getting updates too! I've posted the updates on the main page and have copied them here:

~Possible Future Updates~

Being worked on now:

- In-game leaderboard

- Multiplier HUD


-  Visual Theme Switcher - change the look of your game~


If you're wondering what happened to TILTOFF,

it's being ported to iOS and Android! Yup, mobile game version coming in December! 

Also, ATOMICA might get a release on Steam if it gets more music from composer friends (:


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more


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owners before a possible Steam release will still get keys right.

Hi letsmaybeLP92,

When the game releases on Steam, there'll be a free week period where previous users will be able to claim the game key (: