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Looks like xkcd strikes again!  Much love and best wishes to the dev :)


Thank you!

Greetings, quite some time ago I've got your game in a giveaway here, and I really like it, so I wanted to offer you to publish your game on steam for free! If you are interested hit me on or

Sorry if you aren't, hope you won't consider it as spam - I'm a real person

Have a great rest of the day

Divertic out :)

Is there a watch list or something?

p.s I'm new to itchio, or itch :)

Welcome to! (: 

There is something like a watch-list on the top right of every game page - buttons that allow you to follow the creator or add the game to a "collection". The buttons will allow you to receive updates from the creator or game (:

guys to play this game 4k gtx 1080

If you ever do get the chance to try it out on a 4K monitor + gtx 1080, please do tell me how it goes!

Currently I'm on an 1080p $90 monitor from amazon and a gtx 1050. One day I hope to save up enough to get the latest rig (: 

It also runs well on the "Beautiful" quality setting on my 5 year old HP laptop which uses a NVIDIA Quadro K2100M. 

It's a good looking game and it gets it's point across but it isn't all that fun. Maybe it isn't meant to be but with all the visual distortion, high enemy rate of fire and seemingly pinpoint accuracy they have at extreme distances it makes for a more frustrating experience than a meaningful one.  Most times I was dead before I could find who was shooting me and the time I did kill someone I was dead before I could finish reading the blurb.


@CoalFire Thank you so much! I agree wholeheartedly and the furthest I've survived is to the third level (and that was harder than any dark souls run through I've expereinced imo). Currently working on the fix for the difficulty and will upload an updated version once the xkcd jam is over.  More details in the Updates sections above (: