- Random Games Made under Mandatory Conditions-

Welcome to a collection of literally random mini-games made by a game design student during a mandatory class at a higher level institution. RGMMC is an uncomplete mess of fun but ultimately unrewarding and unpolished experiences that will waste a few good minutes of your life. Alas, in it's imperfectness lies an ultimate expression of what college life is - a random trudge to figure out WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE GOING TO DO IN LIFE, with the possible safety net of a degree resulting in a 60% chance of being hired...wait no, 50%, wait no, 30%, what's that? 5%? GG

Well, Good Luck, Have FUN (GLHF)

Oh, umm there's some copyright material in FExGalaga mini-game - like Fire Emblem sprites and music I don't own, but I'm not claiming any of it, so here's the info:

Fire Emblem Sprites from Spriters-Resource

Song - Horns by Bryce Fox

And that's it! All other songs come from a personal collection of royalty free stuff ~nya

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