"It feels like Joust, it plays like Joust, but it's a remake by students?! Wow"

- USC IMGD Professor and class playtesters

"Joust is an arcade game developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982."

Firefox would be the best browser to play this game on!


This Joust clone was remade by Timothi Lim and Sabrina Yam at USC (University of Southern California) for the classic games assignment  during the CTIN483 course - Introduction to Unity.

This clone is meant to be educational and as a showcase of the ability of the student devs to recreate as closely as possible the classic video game. All rights belong to the current owners of the JOUST IP. For educational purposes only.

Developed in Unity Game Engine 5.6.0 in two weeks during March 2017.

How to play:

Player One

[ A ] - Move Left / [ D ] - Move Right / [ Space ] - Flap your wings to FLY! (You have to button mash it to gain height because duh, flying takes lots of energy ok?)

Player Two (Press "2" to join like it says on the screen)

[ J ] - Move Left / [ L ] - Move Right / [ P ] - Flap your wings to FLY! (Again, mash that P button to fly!)

General Commands

[ ESC ] - Resets the game and score

OH YOU CAN ALSO PLAY THIS WITH XBOX ONE CONTROLLERS (or other controllers I believe...) Just try it and tell me if it still works. I remember mapping the movements to controllers as an easter egg - Tim

Joust Clone Remake by:

Timothi Lim (Timothi Ellim) - Lead Engineer, Technical Designer

Sabrina Yam  - Lead Production, Designer

Check out Timothi Ellim's games here on itch.io too!

Online Leaderboard:

Think you can beat the student devs? Take the challenge and post a screenshot of your score below to enter this leaderboard! BATTLE THE GYMLEADERS. COME AT US~

Single Player

1.Student Devs - 21550

2. This could be you!

3. This could be you!

Two Player

1. Student Dev Tim & Student Dev Sabrina - 53600 

2. This could be you!

3. This could be you!

How well did we do in recreating Joust? Let us know in the comments below!

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