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CometQ - Endless Blockbreaker was my first published game that was made available for iOS and Android in Summer 2016. I created CometQ because I love blockbreaker games but all I've ever wanted to do is break blocks and not get distracted by finishing levels or picking up powerups like that of the classic Arkanoid or the remakes/clones on the app stores. In CometQ, I created a game that fit my every need but sadly, did not fit the need of my players and market. In Summer 2016, I had yet to learn Playcentric Design or how to conduct market research, of which I have learned much from USC and my internships. As such, this game stands as a reminder to me that what I want is not equal to what my players may want. 

Also, if you're wondering why the UI is flipped on both sides, it is because the game has a unique mechanic (The special ability "Shiftphase")  that needs you to flip your phone 180 to activate the mechanic. Also, it aids the player when playing co-op or multiplayer.


Made for your mobile phone! Get it now on the iOS app store or the Google Playstore.

Comet.Q - Endless Blockbreaker is a modern minimalistic take on the Blockbreaker genre that gets rid of all the complex mechanics and delivers to you a streamlined experience that will challenge your skill.

Now Available for FREE on the Apple iOS and Android Playstore.

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"It's great non stop fun! Wow! It's like being transported back in time. Great fun playing this game" - Playstore Comment by Android User


=== "Do you dare to take the challenge?" ===

COMET.Q is a modern minimalist take on the nostalgic blockbreaker games of old such as Taito's Arkanoid. COMET.Q does away with all the complex mechanics and delivers a streamlined experience fit for a modern age. 

The game adds an optional twist in that it gives you the choice to up your score by using an ability called "Shiftphase" which you can activate by turning your phone 180 degrees around. With Shiftphase, you get extra points and can slow down time for a moment.

To help you get used to the double paddles on both the top and bottom, COMET.Q gives you three lives that are lost when you miss the ball but can be easily regained by hitting the ball with the paddle again.

How long can you last?

=== This is Blockbreaker. Redefined. ===

Built for maximum efficiency and for our indefinitely busy lives, Comet.Q’s short burst gameplay brings you an energetic rush that will challenge the limits of your skill, no matter your age. Coupled with ultra smooth responsiveness, feel no stress as the game takes you on a ride that will thrill your senses. 

=== Everyone can play this game... ===

Optimized for accessibility, Comet.Q brings one-touch control to a new level, one that allows every individual to play the game. Set in portrait mode and streamlined for both thumb and finger gameplay, you'll definitely feel at ease with playing the game, so play it your way! 

=== ...But not everyone can beat your highscore. ===

Made for Co-op. Strengthened for Solo play. Comet.Q delivers three game modes all in one game without any fluff or paywall. Everything is available right off the bat, so challenge yourself in solo mode, or challenge your highscore with a friend. Don't like playing against the score? Then take the fight directly to your peers and challenge them to a match of Versus that will have both of you grappling for the screen. 

== Made with love ==

Now Available for FREE on the Apple iOS and Android Playstore.

Download it for your mobile today @

Apple iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/ap... 

Android Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/...

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